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My Perfume Collection 2015 | Chanel | Hermes | Prada | Jo Malone

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  1. Oh love the collection but I know what u mean Hun I think we are getting more picky I only have 5 lol

  2. Lovely tray and a nice variety of fragrances. I want to check out the Chanel Beige and Gardenia…..enjoy and tfs.

  3. Love your collection im also utterly obsessed with Chanel fragrances <3

  4. i have the Hara Juku "Baby & "G" had them both for a long time and never used them. I just like the way the bottles look.

  5. Hi Shabby. Just letting you know that I have finally ordered a bag from IT'S NOT ME IT'S YOU. I have started with the mini-cross body, a smaller one. The larger one which I want is not in stock, so I shall continue to keep an eye on the site. Thank you so much for telling me about it. I have found a YouTube site which you may enjoy. CORMACK IRL Hope all is good for you. Have a wonderful day. Love, Daniel.

  6. It kind of reminds me of chanel no 5 but not really…. I'm sorry but that made me giggle lol

  7. Bernadette Hynes - Cafferkey

    Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche perfume came out in 1970 or 71, and not the 1990s, , the name means left bank. 

  8. Love your collection! :D

  9. Love your collection! I love the Chanel Exclusifs too!

  10. try the Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot! I have the candle and the cologne it's amazing xx

  11. try the Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot! I have the candle and the cologne it's amazing xx

  12. Have you tried any of the Cartier perfumes? Baiser Vole by Cartier is a really nice one. If you don't want to commit to a full bottle you can try a subscription from Scentbird where you pay 14.95 for a month's supply of perfume.

  13. PS: I also loathe watermelons.

  14. I think you should try out Hermes Kelly Caleche. It's my favorite perfume all time favorite.

  15. very nice collection xxx

  16. Love your Chanal 5 limited edition bottle. You should try Chanel 22.

  17. Wonderful video Shabby! I loved the Chanel No 5 bottles! Mummy no 5 and baby no 5! So cute! Love the Prada fragrances so much! Take care and I'll see you soon xoxoxox

  18. such a great collection! :)

  19. I would love to see how you store your handbags.

  20. Hi Shabby. Great collection. Wonderful film. I enjoy the Penhaglion fragrances, particularly Endymion which I bought from the Burlington Arcade in London. Someone told me they think Penhaglion's 'naff'. I was rather startled, but never mind. I enjoy them, that is the main thing! I love Chanel Anteaus. And the Allure is wonderful. (The one's I mention are men's, but I do not recognise gender differentiation in fragrance.) Huge congratulations about the number of subscribers you have achieved. A brilliant achievement and well deserved! This is another wonderful film! Keep this up and I will never go to the cinema again!!! Daniel.

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