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My Perfume Collection! | 2015

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  1. I love your collection! I understand what is like to be given expensive perfumes as gifts and not liking them, it truly is a waste right? We might have the same taste because I also don't like musky perfumes, I truly agree those suit older women better! Which ones would you say are your top 3? And what is on your wish list besides the Jo Malone one? Loved this video very much! 😘

  2. Hunniebunches020405

    Great collection! D&G light blue is my all time favourite. But I also like Vera wang princess and dkny be delicious green apple one. 😊

  3. Love this vid :) and you look so pretty xx

  4. omg amazing collection!! <3

  5. Awesome video! Love your nail polish too:)

  6. Great video 👍🏼 tfs

  7. Piquetures - Melissa 'n Nomi

    Oh my word, you have quite a lot of perfumes! Ps. You're really pretty~ Love your make-up/eyeshadow here! And your gold nails!! N

  8. Hi , this was a great vid I have a channel to, I thought you might like it, I have a birthday haul video very very very soon I'm so excited 😂 I would love it if you checked my channel out I subbed <3 xxxx

  9. Yeey, I love perfumes! Great video hun<3

  10. you wanna do sub4sub<3

  11. Hello Nicole,
    You're so beautiful and sweet ! I love the style of your videos, it's really clear and white, Ia ppreciate it a lot ! You have a lot of parfum, I'm jealous haha ! Can you tell what lipstick you wear ? I love it. Your videos are really great ! I subscribe ! Hope see you soon in my channel ! Kiss !

  12. sarah cowles (loveinglifesarah)

    wow i love this, you did a great job, i am having a q & a so you should totally go ask me some questions on my recent ;)

  13. You have a great perfume collection! I love perfumes lol

  14. so happy you made this video because i want perfume for christmas!! thumbs up:)

  15. I need those perfumes now!! Haha love the video! 😍 Mind checking out my latest video? 😁

  16. i love that jo malone scent too! <3

  17. I need all of these!

  18. omg u have soo many!! i want to try all of them XD

  19. Love Dolce ! <3

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