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  1. Hunniebunches020405

    Great collection. Dkny be delicious I own both that you showed and they're some of my favourite perfumes.😊

  2. lovely collection!..don't pass off your 'mature' perfumes LoL keep them and you'll probably get to liking them later.. Am a mature perfume person. Prada Amber is one of my favourites and been using Gucci Guilty for years however I can no longer wear just one perfume, I just must mix 👌I loved Fendi too until someone thought I had on Arabic/African incense 😭

  3. So preedy

  4. nice vid :) and use a cap of a cheap or finished perfume that fits for the Marc Jacobs perfume that's what I have done and worked fine xxxx

  5. You can use another spray of any perfume of your collection and Just spray your Marc jacobs dot perfume, só you put the spray in the original perfume again…

  6. I love your perfume collection I am also obsessed with perfume lol mind checking out my page it would mean a lot xx

  7. I have Gucci guilty and viva la juicy but never thought to put them together. Thanks girl! Great vid. 

  8. I need Gucci guilty ! You might like Prada candy 

  9. omfg you're so funny. I was dying when you were like "that's my step sister get the fuck outta here" and omg you're from the caribbean!! #Jamaica #Trinidad

  10. gamergirlztothemax@vlogs

    Get an atomizer to use the broken perfume

  11. Aww thanks bbe. I really appreciate that xx

  12. hello my lovley loved your collection one day i get round to mine xx just subscribed honey your so pretty and your so funny remind me of myself lol huggs xxxx

  13. You can't tell people to go get the perfumes you like, people have different taste. You can suggest for them to TRY it. Awesome collection though! Oh, and Givenchy is pronounced the way you did the first time. 

  14. Try Intimately Beckham perfume (the pink one) oh my god it smells so good. That and Armani Diamonds are my fave 

  15. To use the Dot by Marc Jacobs, buy a Travalo, is a little bottle used especially to reacharge your favourite perfume for travelling or to take with you in your handbag. Nice video!

  16. Nice scents. I would have passed out after testing each one. Katy Perry is really good.

  17. Take the lid off the ed hardy perfume all perfume lids are usually the same size and put it on the dot perfume. Hopefully it should spray like any other perfume

  18. Buy an atomizer :) Usually you can find them at macy's or sephora. It's like a pill looking size capsule that you place ontop of the stick and press down, and perfume is store in it. It's basically if you want to take your fragrance on the go. But I mean, hey, the point is you use it, right? They're inexpensive. You can get one for like $3-5.

  19. Wow Kelsz I really enjoyed this video and the video resolution and sound quality is just on point I love itttt! U r definitely stepping it up continue gurllllll!:-)

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