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My Perfume Collection 2014

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  1. I love your VDO so much, I love Elizabeth Arden 5th avenue, I want you to try :)

  2. So helpful😘😘

  3. Forever Red is from Bath and Body works. It's one of their non-mist fragrances. Also you are very pretty. If you had on black nail polish or something dark, it would pull your whole look together. LOVE THIS REVIEW!

  4. I love love love florabotanica! I wear it everyday and secretly sniff it when no one's watching

  5. Please do an updated perfume collection! I enjoyed this one so much, and I noticed the date. Isn't it time for another one? Because I would really find it interesting to see how your collection has formed since this video :)

  6. I love your collection! Which are your top 3 perfumes?

  7. Random Rainbow Stuff

    You have the marc Jacobs oh lola sunsheer perfume not oh lola.
    Nice collection

  8. I think your brows are tooooo pronounced…. that s just my opinion. And your voice is so loud!! Anyway, nice collection for someone WHO likes inoffensive generic fresh smells!

  9. Random Rainbow Stuff

    Would you recommend burberry brit sheer for a 13 or 14 year old. You said it was a great teenager scent but like older teenager or younger teenager or both?

  10. Great vid! Love your hair! :)

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