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My Perfume Collection!


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  1. Why you get headaches from perfume, plants have a chemical defence designed to stop insects from predation when they are wounded. We use the exact secondary metabolites the plants use for defense as fragrance, the fragrances causes electrical imbalances in the potassium sodium ion channels,  Current Migraine theory, migraines are an electrical problem not  vascular.
    The base of floral fragrances are Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool, and Vanilla, all are registered botanical insecticides.
    Google them.
    If you think I'm wrong use your perfume instead of raid next time.

  2. i love how you spray them! 

  3. If u are looking for a web page that gives u all the information on a specific perfume, u should definitely try out Fragrantica (it's free!) http://www.fragrantica.com/member/380411/ Enjoy! =) 

  4. You are really pretty! 

  5. Sherzodbek Omadillayev

    Thank you for making video, and I'll recommend you ladies & gentlemen to try FM Group fragrances be cause it's worldwide & everybody loves it, just watch on youtube or google it if you have this FM group in your country, go there & they let U try all the perfumes for free vs pleasure, coz I understand what's a perfume itself & how it's made. U can use my FM id: 36001651 whenever u contact to them! thank you! And never underestimate it!

  6. I love Vera Wang Look <3

  7. Love your eyebrows!!

  8. My fiance absolutely loves me wearing Jimmy choo! ha x

  9. you are very beautiful!

  10. Beautiful scents !!

  11. best perfume collection video on the entire youtube !!! you dont get enough credit !!

  12. Maria Ignacia Barria

    why do you go to france so much? just because u love it or are you french? great video :)

  13. You should check out Elie Saab's "Le Parfum" if you get the chance. I'm a guy and it's by far my favorite scent I have encountered on a lady.

  14. hi there if you ever want to have a clear out i be happy to give you money for the ones you dont want thanks

  15. On your description, you confused Miss Dior Cherie with Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau. They are two different scents.

  16. Check out my channel to see my perfumes? :)

  17. its absolutely amazing i love marc jacobs perfumes and the sarah jessica paker , its fully adorable to wear them they make such sensual resemblance towards attracting the opposite sex and i love the chanel btw's great video :)

  18. daisy soft flowers mixed with fresh grass,yes u were spot on in saying" grassy smell",hehe well done

  19. I was born in Oxford but now live in the South of England. So it is a mix of that :)

  20. I LOVE sara jessica parker Lovely! :)

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