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My Perfume Collection!

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  1. your ex boyfriend is such a bitch. It's not manly to "take back" A GIFT. Girl, your better off without him. Loved this video💕 I really recommend La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme, Si by Giorgio Armani, and Chloe by Chloe😚

  2. Good riddance – your ex-boyfriend asking all your stuff back. How childish…

  3. i actually work in perfume and based on what you said you like i would recommend that you try the Roberto Cavali Acqua for the summer and the Roberto Cavali Nero Assoluto for the fall/winter

    I have like 1😀

  5. Nice collection,i have the same taste in perfumes and i love almost all of the Victoria's Secret body mists!!

  6. I love your videos! I have a quick question: How much should I spray eau de Toilette?

  7. Prada Candy smells so good! :)

  8. Wow a guy took back your used perfume what a d-bag who does that? and you know hes obviously not going to use it that's such a petty thing to do your clearly better off without a guy like that in your life!

  9. I love Prada Candy but i have yet to purchase it =) If only i hand unlimited funds available… =p lol

  10. crookedlyperfected

    The sunshine perfume doesn't last on me either :(

  11. your ex asked for all your stuff back? what's he gonna do with a perfume that was used? that was a little douchey 

  12. Natalia Iglesias

    Did u get a chance to try Lady Gaga's Fame perfume?

  13. I am just getting started with my perfume collection and my favorite perfume in my collection is enchanted wonderstruck by Taylor Swift and it smells so good and yummy if you like more of a sweet vanilla warm scent, I would highly recommend that. but that is my signature scent right now.

  14. Try Taylor by Taylor Swift

  15. sorrythisistaken

    ya its good that you dont really like celebrity perfumes.I have tried paris hilton,jessica simpson,beyonce,sjp etc.I did like sjp lovely but i dont know i just got over it.majority of it is not long lasting.But i love your collection.

  16. notsubstantialthings

    You are so cute! And great collection :)

  17. Got a sample of Fame from Sephora thanks to you! =] I will let you know what I think

  18. PurplePassion16as10

    New youtuber here! Please check out my channel and view my perfume collection. Don't forget to like, suscribe and comment. More videos will be coming soon! xx

  19. PurplePassion16as10


  20. TheGrindingChannel

    I love the way you talk.

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