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My Perfume Collection ♥

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  1. Great vid. I just made a vid about balenciagas new perfume.

  2. Random Rainbow Stuff

    Love your collection simple. It seems like you like all of them. I liked how you said some key notes as well. They way that you filmed reminds me of a different perfume collection.how you say next to the perfumes. How your hair is stick straight and the footer bouquet next to the perfumes. Umm, I think that you have beyonce heat rush not Beyonce heat. Heat rush is orange and the original is red. Both say just "HEAT" on the gold band.

  3. I love this video! And the way you describe the perfumes are amazing which makes me want to check some of them out. It would be great if you could check out my channel too! 


    Very fresh and girly collection :)

  5. Melbourne Fragrance Nerd

    nice collection :), keep up the good work

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