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My Perfume Collection|CrystalBeauty~

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  1. I have that little Giraff. I bought mine in China Town in San Francisco. I love him. Great video by the way. I enjoyed your descriptions.

  2. i enjoyed watching this video, subscribing, pls do another perfume collection for 2015. thanks

  3. 可以發一個分享學英語的視頻嗎@crystalbeauty

  4. u should do an updated perfume collection if you have some new ones!

  5. Random Rainbow Stuff

    Winter candy Apple isn't really winter for me. When I think winter and cold months, I think heavy smells. And winter candy Apple is like a young, fruity, sweet, girly scent. 

  6. Random Rainbow Stuff

    Bouquet is pronounced boo-Kay. Like a bunch of flowers. Anyway I watched this video before but got kind of bored with your first perfume because I don't like green smells. But I came back and actually finished the video and I actually love your collection and u and I have similar taste except for green smells!

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