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My Most Loved Fragrances

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  1. I am a chanel girl…….thanks for sharing your ideas…

  2. Teeth whitening routine? What kind of tooth whitening have you done? Gorgeous! x

  3. for me I do not like any of chanels perfumes

  4. Im so sorry but those earrings make u look old! 

  5. Coco Chanel said something along those lines, a women's outfit isn't complete without a fragrance.

  6. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    Your make up is super. Absolutely darling. Fragrance collection is right up my street pas by sometime x

  7. I like your video. Great perfumes collection. I love perfumes as well. Please check out my Perfumes' videos. Thanks for sharing. Caio Belle

  8. Is the Coco mademoiselle the Eau de Toilette or the Eau de Parfum?

  9. Quite the Chanel fan I see!

    Not a bad list!

  10. So pretty. You look like rose byrne.

  11. Do you prefer orangey or pinky red lipsticks? Or somewhere in between (neutral reds)? ;p

  12. Red lips look amazing on you!!

  13. What did you use for your eye shadow?

  14. Please do a tutorial on this look … You look BEAUTIFUL❤️❤️

  15. Always enjoy you and your vids. You don't get enough love on YouTUBE,and you're beautiful and outstanding . Hope u feel better. 

  16. Do you have a makeup tutorial on this look?

  17. Chanel perfumes are to die for! My favorite at the moment is the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede :) So fresh for spring :)

  18. i can't get over your beauty  .. i should try the Tom Ford ..

  19. what bronzer.blush are you wearing? looks amazing!

  20. Omgeee we have the same taste in scents, except I do love the miss dior original. I have the miss dior blooming bouquet, chanel chance eau fraiche, & coco mademoiselle. Definitely want to try the Tom Ford now. :)

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