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My Jo Malone Collection 2016!

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  1. Drew – it might be fun if you explained why you chose that specific tattoo?

  2. Hi Drew, great vid! Do you have any thoughts on Incense and Embers? Also, do you a favorite oud fragrance? Have you tried Tom Ford's oud wood, its my fave :)

  3. Drew….you have such great taste in fragrances. Jo Malone smells gorgeous but I do find them a bit on the pricey side!….awesome video!

  4. wish someone would make a smell a vision ….where have I been never heard of this company ?

  5. ahh i love that you have a "special occasion" body scrub! you're awesome drew! ;-)

  6. I can't believe you don't have anything in Oud and Bergamot. It is to die for when you layer with Blue Agava and Cacao!

  7. StichRulez Motivation

    Very creative. Keep up my friend! :)

  8. Loved your video! My mum loves the Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia! Also, I have a question. What yankee candle scent do you recommend for my room? I am not a fan of too sweet scents, but just wanted to know what your favourites are! Thanks

  9. Love your video's drew I could listen to you talking forever and you make me want to buy everything you describe . P.s. Your tattoo looks fab :) a UK subscriber.

  10. Great idea to do a collection video. Xxx

  11. This may sound silly, but does the geranium and walnut fragrance come in a cologne, or just a scrub? I really like the idea of smelling like fresh dirt for some reason…

  12. ty makes the video more relaxing

  13. Great collection Drew-it makes me want to try Jo Malone products :-)

  14. Jo Malone goals!!!

  15. I don't have anything of Jo Malone's. After seeing this, I need some Jo Malone in My life!!! Love Your video's. x

  16. I just ordered the Lime Basil diffuser yesterday ! I'm a fan of the candles & have been wanting to try the diffuser . I don't care for the body creams . Just don't like the formula . I do like the hand washes & might buy another soon . Great video !

  17. Do you have any storage tips? How do you store everything?

  18. musicntennisfanatic

    Awesome video as always!!!! Why didn't I get that humongous peony and blush suede?! Lol. My all time favorite!!!! Mine is almost out and I'm dying…it was my wedding fragrance and everything :)

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