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My Fragrance Collection | 2015

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  1. I run out of perfumes so quickly and I usually use only one bottle at a time, so that scents don't mix on clothes if I wear it a few times without washing (it's worse with scarfs because they tend to soak all smells in).

  2. finally a youtuber that agress!! yessss Chloé is lifeee, my signature scent. I love the original the most

  3. Jessica Cook Beauty

    +SZ Logan Golden Delicious is still available.

  4. Jessica Cook Beauty

    Scentbird don't ship internationally which sucks.

  5. Kirsten Streamland

    Just subbed cuz I literally have and love ALL of these perfumes! Good taste ;)

  6. I feel like I'm the only person who can't stand See by Chloe! You've intrigued me with the Alien Eau Extraordinaire – I too dislike Alien so I'm curious because you like that one. I have Angel, which I love, and both of the Elizabeth and James Nirvanas. Great choices! And I'm also intrigued by the Gucci Bamboo because one of the most common notes among all the perfumes I own is Bergamot (and Sandalwood is pretty prevalent too).

  7. You first introduced me to Jo Malone Orange Blossom – I saw it in one of your favourites videos years ago. It's now one of my absolute favourite scents!

  8. jo malone is a waste of money. ur deodorant lasts much longer than a jo malone watered down excuse for extortion.

  9. The new gucci fragrance smells incredible at first application however it really died down after four hours I was amazed at how it smells later on. It had a very almost baby powder smell as you go through the day. Miss Dior Cherie is discounted at as a result I stocked up and have four bottles of the original scent. For those of you who love Jo Malone's freesia english pear and Miss Dior Bouquet try tom ford portion fleur OMG ITS HEAVEN!! And people will compliment you! Men and women !!! Only catch is that is 220 USD a bottle!

  10. Great video! I have some new fragrances to check out! My most worn fragrances are Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream (in summer), and Versace Pink Crystal. For nighttime, I love Versace Yellow Diamond.

  11. My friend gifted me Laura Mercier – Amber Vanilla
    Love love it!

  12. What do you think to YSL Black Opium?

  13. Jenny Tucker (jennytucker97)

    The Nirvana Black and the new Gucci perfume sound amazing!

  14. I like your recommendations ❤️, but the fragrance that i love is jimmy choo ❤️ but recently i bought Moschino chicpetals and smells wonderful

  15. I like your recommendations ❤️, but the fragrance that i love is jimmy choo ❤️ but recently i bought Moschino chicpetals and smells wonderful

  16. I appreciate all different types of scents because I choose my fragrance according to my mood. some days I feel light and springy and want to wear an uplifting light fragrance and some days I want to feel like a sex bomb and choose a warm, sultry and inviting fragrance. That's what makes collecting perfumes so fun! TFS, I enjoyed your collection. I think I want to get my hands on a MK fragrance soon. xox

  17. Chloe fragrances are my favorite!

  18. One of the only youtubers that can actually describe scents


  20. Hey Allison, thank you for your fantastic descriptions of the fragrances! I really appreciate your taste in scents, i feel like its quite similar to mine so you've show me some new, beautiful things to add to the wish list! xx

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