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My Favourite Makeup of 2015!!

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  1. "stripper nude" hahaha I love it. as a very fair girl I tottally know what your talking about

  2. Always red is like my new fav perfume, I got it for xmas and i LLOOOOOOOVVVEEEE it soo much it smells soooooooooooo goood

  3. ok question … how many times did Sally said (SO) … so pretty, so beautiful,so expensive… LOL you're Soo cute … love ya

  4. You are seriously so beautiful Sally! Loved this video x

  5. Looooove this makeup look, I shall be stealing it tomorrow 😉 xxx

  6. want to do a swap

  7. I love your eyeshadow palettes where did you get them

  8. I wanna try out the hourglass blushes now! And you look sooo gorgeous!!

  9. I really don't like the better than sex one either. I always give it a go tho because of the hype it gets, but I'm always underwhelmed. xx

  10. I find the Ardell brow pomade dried out so quickly, it's already pulling away from the sides and I've had it less then a month! and I always make sure the lid is on tight

  11. U are so beautiful in this video😍

  12. Have you tried Smashbox Primer Water? LOOOVE IT 💕❤❤

  13. Obsessed with your makeup!! GORGEOUS you are xo Loving all your honesty haha

  14. youre slaying with your makeup!! kisses from sydney xxx

  15. I can't wait for your channel to blow up! I just know it will! You are so stunning and I love all of your makeup looks! Can't wait to watch this Adele look!

  16. Sally, your eye makeup!! 😍

  17. You are looking more and more gorgeous after every video I swear!! I've noticed that your makeup skills are improving so much! Keep inspiring many :) x

  18. if you put the lashes in a hot towel, the glue will be really easy to take off

  19. omg wjen did you get fillers? am i the only one that did not notice 😂😗💋

  20. Obsessed with your accent and your makeup is flawless ❤️❤️ xx

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