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  1. Escada Magnetism is very fruity, I want to try Incanto Shine. Michael Kors is way too strong for me, but I want to try Very Hollywood. I just bought Heidi Klum's Shine and it smells exactly like Pink Sugar. I knew I had smelled the scent before, and then figured it out. It's too sweet, but I am going to keep it.

  2. Halo2glitchlover22

    I have Magnetism and Viva La Juicy. I also just got Magnetism a few days ago and I'm quite liking it :)

  3. Where can you get the magnetism perfume?

  4. I love the ones you mentioned. I find viva doesn't last that long but its delicious. I don't see michael kors very hollywood too much anymore, how is it different from the original? Have you smelled the new limited edition Michael kors "Very Bali" I haven't tried it yet? thanks :)

  5. I love Very Hollywood and Euphoria. I will have to smell some of the others you recommended. I know this video was a long time ago but have you tried Very Hollywood Sparkling,,,omg it's amazing!

  6. i wish viva la juicy would last longer :/ it's my fav!

  7. My all time fave is Magnetism too! Been wearing about 6 years. You must try some of my other faves as well. Heiress by Paris H.yummy, flirty!! Happy Heart by Clinique, elegant clean sweet floral. Tropical Punch by Escada, crisp, clean, ocean floral (if you can find it). Legacy by Coach, classy!!

  8. the euphora was only 35 at ross. the 3.4 oz

  9. just went to tj maxx and Magnetism juicy couture, incanto, and euphoria was there. I picked up the Magnetism adn incanto..love:)

  10. @xCherryBo0m7x very hollywood is one of my favessss

  11. @lulallybayb euphorias amaaaaazing isn't it 😀 !! i need to try be delicious!

  12. i actually dont have any of these but i do love euphoria., but i also love perfume too. i have to wear a different all the time. i love be delicious by dkny

  13. no problem!!

  14. Pink Sugar is my favorite! I need to try Juicy Couture!

  15. @alishasusana101 aw thanks so much sweetie 😀 and thanks for watching! <3

  16. ur sooo pretty!!

  17. @oxoTali you are one to talk love! you're the gorgeous one ;] i've never had ocean lounge-what color is it?! Now i definitely have to try it!!!!!!! :)

  18. love this video babe!! it helped me alot =)

  19. @ElectricCharms well that's the greatest compliment i've ever received! That's super sweet of you to say!!! 😀 THanks for watching! <3

  20. @LifeIsGoodies haha! AW well thank you, you made me smile! 😀

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