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My Favorite Perfumes + Finding them Cheaper

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  1. Love your little collection (I wear RL Romance too). I appreciate the fact that you took the time to explain the fragrances and the notes and styles of each type of scent. xx

  2. Oneantas Greathouse


  3. She's classy, so wear versace ! (;

  4. sorrythisistaken

    Ive always wanted someone who has the same scent smells as i do.Ive a very sensitive nose where i cant stand too overpowering or too strong it gives me headache.So far ive got the versace bright crystal,incanto shine and i did like the smell of romance too.I love escada cherry in the air.It smells so good but the lasting power is not that good

  5. that voice !

  6. woahhh i have all the perfumes you have too! (except for the versace one lol)

  7. strawberry net has great discounts on perfume, though apparently you have to be a bit careful because they sometimes sell older stock. I'm now tempted to try the "Incanto Shine" perfume because I love fairies, lol.

  8. You're gorgeous Jackie! (:

  9. The Interviews of Beauty

    Omg u like same frag as I do , in the light pretty scents . But i also like about 10 others .

  10. I love Marc Jacobs " daisy " perfume smells fresh to me

  11. I like the shoulders! Sassy!

  12. ast an outlet

  13. i got a big bottle of pink sugar what i like i got iot for 5 dollars

  14. Maryam Alkhefaili

    I get cheaper brand perfumes from outlets.

  15. I have that D&G one omg I wear it everyday it's so perf~

  16. I love the perfume tray 😀

  17. omg you are sooooo pretty!! does anyone know what ethnicity she is?!?

  18. hahaha yea forgot theyre italian

  19. I love versace bright crystal, and I also smell the grapefruit in it. Very nice

  20. do you have a boy friend? don't lie 😉

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