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My Current Perfume Collection + Reviews!!

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  1. hey girl gorgeous channel i just subscribed hope you can sub back? an we can keep in touch? i do shoutouts weekly for subscribers 😛 do you have a instagram?

  2. wow your collection is huuuuge :) love it!! just subbed back! thanks for subscribing, have a wonderful day! :)

  3. omg !!!!! such a great collection !i actually havent tried any of these, thanks for the review

  4. lots of perfume..cool..thanks for sharing..new subbie here..maybe sneak on my channel if you have time..thanks

  5. MyLifeAs AnnaBanana

    Love this video!!!! I loveeeee seeing/trying out new fragrances!! Also your earring looks super cool!

  6. BB | Bridget Price

    this was such a cool vid! you have inspired me to get my perfume collection back up! Ive currently lost my gucci :( been looking all over the place for it!

  7. Really nice collection! thumb up! <3

  8. Thank you for Subbing! I subbed back! :)))

    Your lashes are gorgeous just saying haha.

  9. Great video! I have a channel too, would you mind stopping by and check out my videos? Would mean so much xoxo

  10. I love your eye makeup! It makes your eyes stand out and they are such a gorgeous colour!  Great video, really enjoyed it :)

  11. love your videos girl! I just subbed :) I'd love if you could check out my channel and sub back! xx

  12. I JUST HAD TO SUB !!!!

  13. awesome video!!!!

    ♣ Would mean the world to me if don't mind checking out my channel ☺

  14. nice collection! I need to write some down and go to the store and smell them! xo

  15. Nice collection, I want to buy more perfumes because I mostly have body sprays and it's nice to have both.

  16. just subbed back :)

  17. I love your collection <3 my personal favorite right now is the perfume by lancome called la vie est belle, I just have the sample size but I love it! Great video!
    I subbed :)

  18. Really Good Living

    Great collection! Avon has cute stuff, & so cute the Lil black dress, lol. I had never heard of that one, but cute name! My fave is the pink by Mariah! Blessings!

  19. Really Good Living

    Hello my New Friend! Thanks for subbing to my channel & welcome! I just subbed ya and looking forward to seeing your vids! you are so pretty btw! Great personality too! Blessings my new friend!

  20. You are so cute!  What a sweet personality! I need to try some of these perfumes!   Awesome collection! Just subbed!  Can't wait to see more videos from you, please check out my channel and maybe sub back if you like what you see!  Have a great day! -xoxo Vanessa

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