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My Current Favourite Perfumes

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  1. hey , there is a website called sophora that does  rollerball perfumes and they ship to the uk too

  2. what eyebrow product do you use?

  3. its kind funny every time they want to describe scents that are for woman they say is granny, i guess grannies smells sexy and good. lol


  5. You are so beautiful! Could you do a tutorial on how you style your hair? xx

  6. persianasianprincess

    Omg you look like Kim Kardashian here 😍

  7. persianasianprincess

    YouTube friends anyone ? Comment on my video letting me know 😀

  8. From your last perfume review I went ahead and bought Omnia Crystalline and have been wearing it since.

  9. You're new hair is so stunning, you've made me want to go darker!! xxx

  10. I went out and smelt and bought the white Narciso perfume based off your recommendation when you first bought it and I love it so so much..probably my fave in my collection! :) xxx

  11. I am persian too

  12. I'm in love with the Balenciaga Paris fragrance. I'm currently waiting to finish up the perfume I'm using now so I can buy a bottle! Really wish it came in rollerball for travel, but sadly it doesn't. Also really love Ellie Saab's Le Perfum as well as Dolce & Gabbana's The One.

  13. YSL Black Opium is absolutely amazing. I've wanted it for the longest time and finally got round to getting it! Definitely recommend it x

  14. Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh is one of my favourites too, it's such a pretty scent! Love the nail colour you're wearing too!

  15. How do you look good with every hair color!? So beautiful

  16. Enfaite je pensais être l'une des plus grandes fan de Kim k mais non ; donc toi dès qu'elle se fait une couleur de cheveux tu la suis et tu refais la même ??tsss

  17. I smelled the Gucci Bamboo on your recommendation and loved it, it will be my next purchase. Narciso Rodriguez is one of my favorite perfume designers also, and I totally agree with you about Alien – pleasant fragrance, but super strong.

  18. Balenciaga Florabotanica is an absolute fave, the bottle is really quirky and original, quite a strong smell, a must buy, in my top 5, you should definitely give it a try 

  19. Lipstick?

  20. Could you please do a hairstyles video 🙏🏼 your such an inspiration I love your style 💓💓💓

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