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My Chanel perfume collection !

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Women's Designer Fragrance Sampler 7piece Set Coco Mademoiselle and Others (Read Description)

  • Women's Designer Fragrance vials
  • You will get what you see in the list main picture. cards are not included
  • vial only, NOT miniature, each is about 0.05oz/1.5ml
  • coco parfum 0.05oz and other 6 vials
Women's Designer Fragrance Sampler boyfriend wear him eau de parfum spray 0.05oz/1.5ml , daisy marc jacobs eau de toilette spray 0.04oz/1.2ml jennifer aniston eau de parfum 0.05oz/1.5ml chloe eau de parfum 0.04oz/1.2ml twirl byy kate spade eau de parfum 0.05oz/1.5ml, coco parfum 0.05oz/1.5ml

Price: $ 55.00


  1. Hi,great video,I wanted to know your thoughts on coco mademoiselle body mist as I want to buy one here in Australia,is it light?

  2. Hi, Lovely video. can you please tell me where you got the cotton container in the back?

  3. Great collection! Thanks for sharing

  4. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    OOh Crystalle I may look into again

  5. mzurilove beauty & fragrances

    Classically beautiful, lovely video…one of my favourite accents too! I am not sure if I am getting Allure or Chance…I had to sub, stop by sometime XXxxsmOOchesxxXX

  6. Great video…..I am interested in checking out the Chanel Beige and Gardenia. Have your tried either of these two ? tfs

  7. love your channel :-))

  8. Great video….very informative. Thanks for sharing! :)

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