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Must de Cartier Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. @MyMickers its a great scent :)

  2. @IaMJoEycAnNoli hahah!

  3. @Scents2sense Thanks buddy!

  4. @mgellie1 np man 😀

  5. @NavajoJoe66 😀 it sure is

  6. @warriordiscus7 no prob! they got quite a few goodies :)

  7. @fragranceAre4Bitches what did i do?

  8. Wow, Cartier had more than I thought! I might have to look into this house. Thanks for the awesome review!

  9. This is an excellent fragrance. Smells like fresh, clean skin after a shower. Good stuff.

  10. I just saw this on neiman marcus.com and wondered how it smelled now I know.
    Thanks Cubby

  11. Sound like a zesty naughty boy cologne =)

  12. Never heard of this one. Thanks for the review!

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