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Moves by Adidas Fragrance/Cologne Review (1999)

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  1. My favourite of these Puma/Adidas colognes is Puma Green. Has worked well as a gym scent and as a school scent. Good for the price.

  2. This fragrance takes me way back in the day!

  3. adidas is sick

  4. I love this cologne! Got one as gift when i was 16. Gift box with body wash etc. Just bought some more, so fresh, sport and great price. Walmart has 1+.5oz bottles for 14.99 not bad. Great memories from this cologne.

  5. king of all colognes!!!

  6. I bought this back in 99 forgot all about this fragrance !!!! I remember it smelling pretty good !!!! 

  7. good point mate

  8. ya i used this in middle school and first 2 years of high school… my brothers old girlfriend bought it for me for christmas in the 6th grade. I thought i was the shit with a spritz or two of the moves…hahaha. good times

  9. Cool, I just got some of this today

  10. I used this in high school too lol

  11. i wore this in middle school and now in high school i have tried both and honestly the original is better but it is just my opinion :)

  12. I bought two of these in high school, one mustang blue and the sponge bob perfume haha that was my collection. Now i use L'homme ISL and One Million by paco.

  13. I wore this back in high school, too, back when it first came out. I got tired of it after a while. I still have some of the aftershave, but I haven't used it in nearly 10 years.

  14. hav u tried addidas moves pulse, i got it for christmass, ow do u think it compares for the original addidas moves

  15. I lived in Waltham, and I used to wear this perfume all the time, Now I am back in Brazil and here they don't have this perfume :"( cryforever… i miss wearin this i wished i could get this perfume for xmass

  16. Bear Santillanes

    Hey man, this is my FAVORITE scent for the summer days! I saw that there are gift sets that have soap, shower gel, deodorant and stuff!!! WOW! I really would like it! Where can I get it?

  17. Bear Santillanes

    Hey man, where did you get the pic at 0:17?

  18. i have it

  19. Marc, couldn't help to notice that Adidas Moves is the only "gym" fragrance in all your 404 videos O-o
    Could you make a "top 20 gym/high heath fragrances"?

  20. wtf i spent 23 dollars on this at walmart

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