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More Beauty Favorites!!

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  1. u can return the Nars to any sephora u don't need a receipt or anything say u didn't like it and they will give u store credit xoxo

  2. So funny I have the same breed of dog all white & even lays down the same LOL

  3. I stay with the Aussie on deck! I actually like it for my natural hair too. Your hair is gorge btw :)

  4. Oh! Yeah check ur local stores Victoria S Pink & DKNY Be Delicious comes n Body Sprays OMG smells exactly like the original fragrance for $3.99 Yes I said it cheap but Gd,my recent video will show the product…

  5. Hi! Rachel
    Yes amazon does have the product,To the beach body oil n two different shades SEASIDE was more of my complexion..Thanx! love Bronzers if u ever get a chance stop by The Body Shop OMG dat all natural face Bronzers r wht u call DA BUSINESS I've been using the product for yrs…

  6. Really great picks

  7. Love you lip colour! What is it? I have to have it !

  8. Krystle “Krys1oh1x3” Martin

    I have got to try that PINK perfume.  The new bottle is so CUTE!  And I have been wanting to try out that NARS highlighter, but I am glad I watched this video now! 

  9. Rachel love the quality and content of your videos! You're always very thorough and clear. What type off camera do you use when filming?

  10. DKNY Be delicious is one of my favs too.. I always get compliments when wearing it.. gotta check that Pink out though

  11. Princess Jaeda James

    lmaooo at that perfume spray! Sexxxxxay! Yaaay Our fave! Thanks for the S/O boo! So happy you love your bronzy oil! I hated that watery Nars too. Awesome video and goodies!!!! Yeaaa! LOL

  12. Haha beauty blenders are the best!! Nothing beats them!

  13. Kara & Tara Brown (2strandcurls)

    OMG….we love your videos! Keep them coming. We subscribed! Please check us out. We are new to this! Please return the love n support. +Twinology Duo 

  14. Curious about the body oil… definitely making a trip to Sephora this weekend woohoo!  Have you tried Vain Pursuits?  They're kinda like a skincare box service

  15. Ill have to try the aussie stuff again… It made my hair feel weird on my natural hair

  16. Can you do a video doing a length check with your real hair and how you keep your hair healthy?

  17. I hated that Victoria Secret discontinued 55 years ago. I was so in love with that fragrance.

  18. Jesus we have so much in common ever time you have a haul or favorites I own most oF the stuff youshow!! I love the pink perfume also!! You have to try the new one called wild PINK

  19. I will be getting the Victorias Secret Pink and that Aussie Moist Shampoo&Conditioner asap. Thx for sharing

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