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Mont Blanc Individuel Review!

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  1. It might have been reformulated or it doesn't match with my skin but it's a skin scent after 2 hours on me. I'm going to try Original Santal because of that.

  2. Great review!

  3. I love it ,,scent great longivity great projection great ,,plus it is not puplar in my country libya

  4. +Fragrance Bros. Can you confirm if this has been reformulated or not?

  5. Pls guys there any difference between Mont Blanc Individuel and Mont Blanc Individuelle?

  6. I'm buying this today, never smelt OS, OR MBI but buying MBI simply becos it got a 5 out of 5!!!!!!

  7. If you ever geta chance check out Starwalker ! In my opinion its the best of the Mont Blanc line and yes it smells like Eau fraiche but a soapier,woodier take on it. Honestly I like starwalker WAY better

  8. Love this review, you two are Hillarious together, so fun to watch. 

  9. Why are people saying that Mont Blanc is a clone of Original Santal when Individuel was released in 2003 and Original Santal was released in 2005?  If anything Original Santal is a clone of Individuel.

  10. In our country its cost 112 usd lol 

  11. It smells like original santal? No.. Original santal smells like this.

  12. Fussball Meister

    I bought this fragrance last week and I have to say that they probably reformulated Individuel. After a few hours I could barely smell it.

  13. Any brick and mortar stores carry Individuel? Can't find it. Looks like only available online.

  14. Great video.  You guys are funny!

  15. I was at a cologne store and had a sample of Mont Blanc Individuel and Legend, and almost all the women that smelled each one picked Legend, even though this guys described it as a high school gym locker room. Individuel comes off strong and its a good fragrance but Legend has a smooth soft smell to it that women like and that I like as well.

  16. how does starwalker compare? I am considering blind buying it or individuel.

  17. ‫عبير F‬‎

    Guys. This came out in 2003, 2 years later, Creed Original Santal came out. So, which one is a copy of the other :) ? 

  18. Does is smell like blue de chanel in any way?

  19. The opening of individuel is like the mid of original santal. The drydown of individuel is all dryer sheet, which I actually do not get a lot of in Original Santal. The opening is very much like Original Santal, the drydown is not. Is Individuel a good fragrance? Absolutely. But if you can afford Original Santal, I'd definitely recommend that over MB Individuel.

  20. crazydrummer808

    Just blind bought this and sprayed it on my wrist about 24 hours ago. I still smell it!!!!!!!

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