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Monogrammed Hermes Elixer Des Merveilles Perfume Reveal & Review

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  1. what do u mean u r in a private group? 
    do u mean investments or what?

  2. Patiently awaiting your next fragrance video! Have you smelled the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Nirvana White? They are exclusive to Sephora and I would love to get your take on the two! :)

  3. Wow your description of this makes me want to try this. I am getting a bottle. Thank you.

  4. RambleHome HaulOut

    Your fragrance description says it all "intoxicating." LOL, it must be love!

  5. How special!!! Love the bottle and the way it sits xoxo

  6. The fragrance sounds amazing  alone , yet the bottle is beautiful. Two great purchases in one. Love your videos. 

  7. ???????

  8. I love your reviews!   Would you consider getting a lamp or one of those "rings" others use to give you better lighting?   Since you record in the evening and miss the natural lighting…I hope that makes sense.  :)

  9. Yay! Love your fragrance reviews! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Thanks for such a wonderful review.

  11. Lovely review. What do you think of the acqua di Parma scents? They use all natural ingredients so they say. Thanks

  12. Awesome review! Thanks for sharing?

  13. Great review, your skin is glowing girl!

  14. Hi, Do you have a skincare vid?

  15. The packaging is so pretty and I bet the scent is too! You look pretty as always my friend! ?

  16. looks awesome.

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