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Monarchy – Disintegration ft. Dita Von Teese

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  1. I see it two ways – yes the woman is bored and has a lot of sexual fantasies but also the husband in this video to me looks he's equally as dissatisfied. Like they're both trapped in their own personal hells.

  2. I am a girl but I think she is incredibly hot.

  3. Мария Боголюбова

    Очень символичный клип. Дита прекрасна)

  4. Sexyyyyyy dita von teese 😍😍😍 j aime le clip 😍😋🔥😅👌🏻

  5. altadata cosmology

    ear porn :D

  6. frigide

  7. I fall in love to Her!

  8. Damn! Dita Von Teese is fecking gorgeous, she oozes class out of every pore.

  9. This music video, this song, describes my life. It sucks being a hypersexual, hedonistic female.

  10. Dita is so beautiful and sexy

  11. Conclusion: Dita's head is full of naked bodies :I

  12. well, the openning beat seems taken from "I feel love" of Donna Summer

  13. my marriage

  14. weird, but that's why I love it! Dita, you're so glamorous! xo

  15. Tünde Oláh-László

    really magnificent

  16. PrincessBonBon 7813


  17. What a Star! x

  18. Giuseppina Pungitore


  19. aaah

  20. Cuties Doing Cute Things

    so was this about her marriage falling apart because of her love for orgy's?

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