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Mitsouko: Noir Masterpiece from Guerlain. fragrance Review

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  1. well done! bravo

  2. I just subscribed to your page. Love your reviews.I commented on your Chanel Misia review. Not to be creepy but i recognize the neighborhood in your introduction, I happen to live in that neighborhood too. Remember Mad Magda's? :)

  3. Delicious review Lanier! I wonder how the pure parfum of Mitsouko smells like. I need to try it! xxx

  4. Excellent video Lanier. It was entertaining, and informative. Thanks. : )

  5. wonderful stuff as always, lanier. mitsouko in all it's different guises is a true classic!

  6. great video as always loved the historical aspect you brought to it too. I am always inquisitive so I have to ask… In the movie when he sniffed the card the secretary said it was gardenia. and when you gave the note breakdown there was no mention of gardenia. I have several theories but I will make this comment short and ask you if there is anything I'm missing?

  7. Lanier, your videos never fail to impress.  How timely this video arrives…I want to buy my wife one last cold weather fragrance before the spring scents step to the front and I'm thinking why not purchase her a classic!  Wonderful production my friend.  Keep up the amazing work.

  8. This is one that really caught me by surprise. It's very very masculine IMO.
    On my skin it's all about the Oakmoss (I have the EDP)… everything else is in the backroll!!! 
    Great review as always!

  9. I love Mitsouko and I have it in all its forms. It has been reformulated but … honestly , its not a bad reformulation . The Parfum these days is not as strong (no more real oakmoss sadly )  as it should be but I now buy it in the EDP form which is fine.
    When I wear it I feel "luxe" , if you know what I mean.
    Lots of men wear this too .

  10. you have one of the most interesting fragrance channels out there, Lanier. Always a pleasure watching your videos. :)

  11. AGentlemansJourney

    I cannot believe that the fragrance is that old. The lady sitting next to me said awww when you mentioned your grandfather's items. Nice review as always. 

  12. The current EDP is stunning. Thanks for the video.

  13. Cool San Francisco fragrance!! :)

  14. The Perfume Podium

    What a coincidence! Only a couple of days ago I was sampling Mitsouko in a department store, remembering how much I enjoyed this fragrance. I wore this in my 20's. I'm curious to know how it would be in my 50's. After watching this I think I might just pop along and get myself a flacon of this little gem 😉

  15. you got me watching all these bogart movies now this weekend ,The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca,The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo, The African Queen :)

  16. Annie Labonte (Lady Annie's Decants)

    I love the parallel you're making between Tha Maltese Falcon  film noir and Mitsouko. It gives a very good idea of the kind of smell and feel this scent exudes. It's such a mysterious ,intriguing, and complex perfume , like a riddle I have not succeded in solving yet. The bottle is fabulous and have a place of choice on my perfume shelf. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts AND the drink recipe :=) xx   In the mean time, I'll have a listen to '' Friends of Mr Cairo '' from Jon and Vangelis… Lol !


    The intro to this video is so classic!  Just amazing (no I am not kissing bum, lol it is amazing)  Thank you for this great video and review.  The fragrance bottle is beautiful.  Love the gifts from your grandfather (I won't say what they are ~ they have to watch the video  :)  )   

  18. Wow, great review . Is it still available $. Cheers! and I will make that cocktail tonight. 

  19. Amazing video as always my dear, but haven't you spelt the scent wrong? Mitsouko?

  20. I just love your videos; they are so interesting, fact-filled, and you're able to paint images of a bygone era in the hearts and minds of your viewers. Well-done! Hey, I just noticed your dirty little secret…the stronger the drink, the better the review.(Lol)

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