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Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. Well, I just wanna say that it broke my heart that MDC was removed from the shelves. Now there's this Miss Dior EDP, Miss Dior le parfum, Miss Dior Extrait De Parfum, etc. The list goes on and on. Wat were they thinking. I want my MDC back. It was perfect. It was classy, fun and girly. Now, it's not the same. They've killed her. They've tried to clone her, but she's gone. End of story. Thanks for the review.

  2. Was this a review for the original or the reformulated version? I think most people who defend Miss Dior Cherie are defending the original and even they rarely like the reformulated version.

  3. I am a huge fan of MDC since 2007 and I LOVE the fruity sweety smell. MDC is the only "sweet" scent I've ever loved. Funny, I never thought it being strawberry like sweetness. It's not my imagination, this scent smells better in Paris than anywhere else. Blooming Bouquet sort of smell like Cherie…I guess I'll go after than one since Cherie has been discontinued. I just bought 5 bottles of Cherie off eBay. I know the fake ones are in circulation but they all seem to be genuine which came out in different year.

  4. Love this scent

  5. NEW subscriber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so funny.

  6. :'( I'm really sad MDC discontinued! This one was one of my personal favorites, then one day some girl stole it out of my dresser in my dorm room…if only this didn't discontinue, I'd just buy me another one, but it's not easy to find,I'm afraid of buying a fake..

  7. At first when I put it on I thought of my sister and her trampy butterfly tattoos and hints of boozy brothel babes. Then I wore it out one day because I wondered how other people thought it smelled on me. I have never gotten another compliment on any other perfume on me other (except maybe Daisy Eau So Fresh from my boyfriend – IMO two separate perfumes!) than Miss Dior. I have a love/hate relationship with it because I hate that it reminds of such dreadful things and that I kind of love the attention I get wearing it.

  8. I like dior cherie and I reach for it when Im in a very girly mood. Its not my favorite perfume family but I do wear it.

  9. The beginning of this review was HILARIOUS!!! PAHAHAHA

  10. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Good tip – thanks for helping out other OG Miss Dior Cherie fans.

  11. Hey Katie, thanks for your review…I too was extremely disappointed when I heard that Dior discontinued the wonderful "Miss Dior Cherie" fragrance!! :'( (did they ever say WHY?!!) I bought what I thought was slightly old stock from Hawaii in the hope that it was my old fave, but NOPE!! it was the new crap one!! :( Just a heads up for the people that love the MDC that Soap & Glory products smell exactly the same, and a budget fragrance called "OMG" by Jigsaw smells nearly identical!! ^_^ xXx

  12. Katie, have you ever tried Dolce Vita by Dior? Would looove to see the review from you

  13. Thank you very much now i know what to look for 😉

  14. Katie Puckrik Smells

    It sounds like you did the same thing I do when trying to decide on a good perfume fit: take your time, try different ones on, see which perfume takes you to a magical place.

  15. Katie Puckrik Smells

    It IS confusing! Dior rebranded Miss Dior Cherie as Miss Dior. The original Miss Dior is now known as Miss Dior Classic, I believe.

  16. I'm sooo confused… i went out to buy Miss Dior Cherie and there's none to be found… instead there is Miss Dior with a Miss Dior Cherie label on the back of the box. is Miss Dior Cherie replaced by Miss Dior?? this is so annoying!
    Love you Katie ♥

  17. Sorry! I meant to say….. Shower away all the perfumes I tried today and just put only " Channel no 5" …. And I will buy" Chloe" next . So soft and feminine.
    Thank you Katie once again for your videos on perfume:)

  18. I ended up buying something totally different compared to my other perfumes. I purchased " Channel no 5 EDP" I felt like a crisp light florallly citrusy smell for a change. Now reading some comments on it, I'm thinking 'did I rush into it?' I spent $165 Australian dollars on it for the 50 ml. Now I'm thinking, 'I'm glad I did' i feel so good now knowing I have a "Channel" perfume finally in my collection. Now I'm going to show and was awAy all the perfumes I tried today and put on my classy cha

  19. And of course, I tried this one " miss Dior Cherie" and I don't know about this one…. I have smelled wrist so many times and I cannot make up mind. So that's why here watching your video and reading comments.WOW mixed reactions on this one. Seems like love it or hate it. I think it's strong and no big deal. I expected it to be better with soooo many people loving it. Each to their own. SO. …..

  20. I went to the department store today and tried on 6 perfumes. I tried some that had convincing reviews on yT. Viva la juicy did nothing for me. Hypnotic poison was nice, distinct, buy strong. Midnight poison was ok, but it's been 3 hours and I cant smell on me anymore. Chloe was beautiful and soft. Shalima EDT(it was pink) I loved that one too, I didn't by it because I don't but EDT perfumes, I might reconsider on that one….. Content…..

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