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MinnieMollyReviews♡You & I By One Direction Perfume Review♡

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  1. Lindsie A. Aleman (Linz)

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  2. mirelly sabrinny

    hi very beautiful your perfume I was wondering if it is too sweet?

  3. Exoticely Channel

    hi i'm cely from indonesia. i'm going to buy one direction's perfume next week. but it lill bit confused me because i can't smell the scent yeah, i buy online. so.. what's your favorite between our moment, that moment or you & i? i like sweet and soft floral scent.. but i know that 1D's perfumes are have fruity scent.. so.. maybe you can give me recomandation? i really need your suggestion.. thank you so much! have a nice day

  4. Hiii :) umm every box of the fragrance have ring inside right ? Just want to make sure.

  5. Hi I want to ask a question about perfume , what does top notes,middle notes or base notes mean?

  6. There's only two frangrances

  7. nicolle leguizamo pinedo

    how many perfumes you have?, cuase in the background all i can see is that

  8. Alberto Valle Esquivel

    That price the prfume you and i by one direction

  9. How many ml was the bottle?

  10. Are you wearing a Pandora bracelet? If you are can you pls do a video in it I really wanna see it

  11. Are you wearing a Pandora bracelet? If you are can you pls do a video in it I really wanna see it

  12. Minniemollyreviews u r so lucky in my country it is not available i am from india afterall congrates and i love you

  13. Molly your reviews are getting way to short

  14. Eau De Gaga

  15. Hi molly I have been watching you since a year ago now im from kuwait in the middle east I really like your reviews keep going … I have to say I just bought pitbull perfume the men and the women version smells really amazing they're really goood you have to know about them ….. witing for the next review bye 

  16. Always on the top, as i gift for you hittin 2000 subscribers , i made an instagram accont for molly dixon fans!!! Follow this account @molly_dixon_fans , i will be posting every single update through minniemollyreviews and minnie molly and the photos you post in your original account , hope you like this little gift and i will always be your #1 fan . I love you <3

  17. الإنجليزية

    I want to know Christina's new perfume how and when available


  18. Yayyyyy. Finally. Love your reviews 

  19. amazing amazing amazing review don't know how you do it so good!xxxxx

  20. That bottle is so pretty

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