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MinnieMollyReviews♡Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift Perfume Review!♡

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  1. Hi MinnieMolly do you no when the best time do wear this perfumeday or night let me no I love you youtube video's

  2. Hi!
    I have a question. I am really detached when it comes to perfume. I don't like perfumes easily, like, it can be strong too fast which makes me want to vomit if you can understand. But I really really want a T Swift perfume, and you dont have them in my country (so I cant try them in stores) so I have to buy online. My question is; I like fruity(not woodsy or ust bold perfumes), sweet (not too sweet), not strong, a bit 'backgrounded' perfume. Which one of her fragrances do you recommend?


  3. My bottle did not have a charm thing on it. Factory defect?

  4. And the set?

  5. How much was the perfume?

  6. This review is was very helpful. I am getting this perfume for Christmas, and I was wondering what it smelled like. I will definitely subscribe.

  7. You r so pretty and have loads of perfume just asking but how do u get the money for this

  8. Could you do a review on cher loyds parfume ? Xx

  9. If you don't minds me asking, what is the name of your nail varnish? Thank you!

  10. MinnieMollyReviews

    i can totally see where you are coming from with that!xo

  11. Hi! I noticed something really odd about the lotion. To me personally it smelt like fresh cream! I like it though. I can smell I tiny bit of the perfume in it but its mostly fresh cream xD

  12. Actually I am finally smelling the tea! It smells very light and I get it after about 2 minutes it's a beautiful fragrance. Something odd is that the dabber to me smells different than the perfume in the gift set. It smells like the perfume as the base but with a yummy hazelnut smell! It's delicious! Do you smell the difference?

  13. MinnieMollyReviews

    hey sorry i did reply earlier but i clearly never posted what i wanted to say was i am so happy you have smelt it! it's weird that you dont get the sweet tea scent i smell! but to be fair i didnt notice it till i had worn it for a bit! it would be great if you got the lotion its a great way to layer the scent which will make it last even LONGER!!! xo

  14. Btw it smells like a delicious sour (In a good way) raspberry candy

  15. Be enchanted*

  16. So yesterday I was able to smell the perfume and…. WOW! This thing smells soooo good! At first I don't smell tea but I smell BBW's secret wonderland and their e enchanted mixing in. Then the raspberry notes come out. And then delicious vanilla and amber! I applied it around 8:30 last night and it's 11:12 in the morning and I can still smell it. And I didn't reapply it or anything. Just one spray! I'm getting the gift set at the end of the month for sure!

  17. Oh ok, thank you lol I don't know how to reply on mobile xD

  18. MinnieMollyReviews

    Hi! one of my samples were free, the others were bought from ebay for £2 i think xo

  19. Oh and also, I know you said the perfume is very unique, but if you could, could you compare this perfume to any body spray or perfume? Thank you! I would love to see if I had any of them to smell because the tester one in my fragrance centre was broken so I couldn't smell it! :)

  20. Were* sorry

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