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MinnieMollyReviews♡Woman By Christina Aguilera Perfume Review♡

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  1. Hi molly i so curious about this, this is one the best of the Cristina aguilera fragrances? I try find this but in my country dont have it i hope this coming soon, kisses

  2. Yay!! Thank you I've been wanting this so bad but it's pretty new so there aren't many reciews, plus i love your reviews.Thank you! 

  3. Elizabeth Wonderham

    I agree with you, great review. I love this perfume! I would consider wearing this in fall as well during the day.

  4. Hi Molly! I saw this vídeo early today and a few hours later I went out to the mall and took the liberty to smell some fragrances by Christina Aguilera ^^ every time you mention a fragrance I want to smell it lol well, they did not have this particular fragrance yet in the store, but had the original Christina Aguilera fragrance and also Unforgetable. i am wearing Christina Aguilera in my wrist and have to say it is beautiful :) too bad I can't find most of the fragrances you make vídeos on. Well, let's hope this year the stores bring out new perfumes :)
    Xo have a great year! 

  5. Love all of ur reviews like always lol also you should put ur brother in one of ur reviews lol I mean it seems like he's always there when you're recording so maybe he can help u review one of your perfumes get a guys point of view that might be good too for some of ur viewers (I don't know just an idea)

  6. BoyReviewFragrance

    Amazing review, Molly! I smelled this fragrance in a store and I loved it ?!!! They have just the 30ml bottle and the body lotion and the shower gel. I really want the 50ml because I think the is the biggest bottle of Woman that you can get. I don't know if this fragrance is available in a 75ml or 100ml ?

  7. Oh my flawless god!!!!! I just screamed so loud when i saw the video published!!! Amazing review molly , i'm extremely exited for this fragrance and i'll definitely going to get! But where did you get it haha? I love you so much and i can't believe how amazing you are. Always on the top , keep it up ❤️❤️

  8. Brilliant Review Molly! where did you get this fragrance from?!x

  9. whahahaaa so cute blooper , nd you know what after u review it, i think i'm gonna love this one, cause its have a notes that i love so much, and i have so curiuos how tonka bean smell like?, mhmhh must try it soon, love u molly, xo 

  10. Femeninity! Lol :)

  11. Really good video! Loved it and loved the blooper xo

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