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MinnieMollyReviews♡Unforgettable By Christina Aguilera Perfume Review♡

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  1. This perfume and by night its the best perfumes of christina aguilera, smell soo amazing i love your reviews kisses.

  2. Hi! Can you do a review of her newest scent called Woman?

  3. Hey just come across your video when I was thinking of buying this perfume… You did a good job coz I've bought it haha!
    Great review will be watching out for more of your perfume recommendations x

  4. hi. loved the review. I was excited to try this one but it sounds very sweet and I'm more into citrusy scents. Any you can recommend?

  5. I agree with you on this being  autumn-winter scent! I have it and it is very strong and I find it very grown up and sophisticated too :)

  6. Greaaaaat review,I love you,it`s very good how you perform? the design,box,bottle,the fragrance, i like it very much!Kisss

  7. review* 

  8. Awesome view!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna try and get this,seems like a nice perfume. 

  9. Great

  10. The bottle would look good if the design was all over the body of the bottle. 

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    Please do a review of Dreams by Mariah Carey & JLove by Jennifer Lopez Please xoxo

  12. OMG i cannot believe it !!!!!!! Yaaas molly i love you so much finally the review is here !!!! Thank you so much queen molly , you are the best muwaaaa

  13. OMG i cant

  14. Awesome review! I have to get this!

  15. Awesome review I can't wait to buy and try this and your lipstick looks amazing on you really like the color :)

  16. I've wanted to buy this for awhile now but I can't find it in the States

  17. Pop Albums Unboxing

    Very great review and i love this fragrance so much It smell so amazing

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    Heyy Molly, I am starting fragrance reviews and I just uploaded my first ever review on Paris Hilton's Dazzle and I'm wondering if you would check it out and subscribe to me, I love watching your videos, they are the cutest and can't wait to see more xoxo 

  19. fancy love by jesica simpson plz dear……

  20. Please subscribe to me Molly! I do beauty videos and perfume reviews as well! I like never buy a perfume without consulting your videos cause you have such good taste in them 😀 It would mean so much!

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