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MinnieMollyReviews♡That Moment By One Direction Perfume Review♡

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  1. Lindsie A. Aleman (Linz)

    I have the You&I perfume and our moment you sound so sweet and witch perfumes you love better and by the are you a 1D fan I'm a 1D fan since i was about nineteen years old and your so beautiful love your hair color

  2. Lindsie A. Aleman (Linz)

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  3. how mny hours does this last?

  4. mirelly sabrinny

    hi it's me again very beautiful your perfume I was wondering if it is too sweet?

  5. MinnieMollyReviews

    +Alice Saunder I would definitely test it a couple of times, There has been very mixed reviews on this scent!xo

  6. I have our moment im not sure about that moment I might get it

  7. You look way more amazing with blonde hair molly ! Love it

  8. Manchir Tserendagva

    I liked your review so much. Can you do another one for you &i pls? Thank you

  9. Frankly, you smell nice or not? "That moment

  10. When I first smell it, it smells different then our moment

  11. Pop Albums Unboxing

    One Direction's new perfume called You And I. The bottle Is transparent pink and the bottle is not like Our Moment or That Moment. The bottle is very different. The bottle is like a triangle. I can't very describe the bottle. More beautiful than the 2 others one :)

  12. What souls I buy our moment or that moment?

  13. Thank you

  14. Your videos are AMAZING! And you are so beautiful! Your reviews are really helpful so I'm going to buy That Moment and Our Moment! Love you!

  15. unfortunately I have not, I never feel it but my mother yes , when she go to buy me our moment and that moment, she told me that he feel not good and our moment is more better..so she buy me just our moment :( 

  16. You should make your own perfume! X

  17. I love your videos! ❤️

  18. The perfume smell amazing I ♥ it

  19. I love that moment I wear it everyday… thanks 4 a great review xxx

  20. ♥Fragrances &' more♥

    I love your channel so much! Watch your videos daily!

    xoxo jamie

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