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MinnieMollyReviews♡Spring Reign By Katy Perry Perfume Review♡

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  1. Connor Fitz-Patrick

    Was this ever released in UK shops?xx

  2. Did anyone catch how she stood up the Katy Perry Killer Queen red bottle?

  3. I literally just bought the entire Killer Queen line and this was the last to purchase. Is it safe to say that this bottle is like, a perfume version of Katy's latest album Prism? The box is like, hippy flowery and so is the cover of her album. Just an observation that I thought I would share with the world. I am pretty excited to smell all of the new (to me) Killer Queen perfume line.

  4. MinnieMollyReviews

    +Laura Knowles Aw thank you so much! I bought this from eBay, hope this helps sweetie xo

  5. Hi! I really loved this review but was just wondering where you got this from as I also live in the uk? Thanks :) x

  6. hii, i need your help, which perfume you most love(The smell):Spring Reign or Royal Revolution?
    i love more the Design of Royal Revolution but i wont to know if the smell of Spring Reign is Better…Please Answer me Faster ( it's Emergency)
    (sorry if i have Misspellings i am not speak English)

  7. Riri The Queen fenti

    Hi! molly's what you would purchase an American or English website to find the stars of perfumes prices
    beautiful fragrance like any katy perry
    Thank you more XOXO

  8. I love your review!!!
    I need that all killer queen…

  9. Omg I love your room! It's like your own little perfume room! 

  10. Kate And jenna (Kateandjenna 11)

    Kaet-e peary

  11. I love your videos so much! I also collect celebrity perfumes ^^ do you have instagram?

  12. OMG ! have been waiting for this review for weeks ! I really enjoyed it ! thanks for your opinion MinnieMollyReviews ! I even shared this review video on my official Tumblr ! 😉 xoxo

  13. Pixe`s channel maris word


  14. I so love the smell of this fragrance but the pricing is so much.

  15. Where on earth did you find a stand for Killer Queen??

  16. It's so pretty 😍

  17. I have Meow a decant of Purr and Killer Queen and Royal Revolution so I have yet to smell Oh So Sheer. I looked at her tour dates for UK and they are mid May…. so I think that is when it is here.

  18. YAY!! New video!!

  19. I have Purr and Killer Queen and look forward to at least smelling this one sometime soon to see if I like it. I want to get all of hers just to have them; if only I had the money to! & just a side note – (gardenia is pronounced like gar-deen-ya.)

  20. BoyReviewFragrance

    Amazing review as always! Can't wait for mine to come! I hope I will have it tomorrow! Did you smelled/have Rise Sheer by Beyoncé? I did a review on it :)

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