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MinnieMollyReviews♡Signature Summer For Her by Victoria Beckham Perfume Review♡

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  1. Could you please do MarcJacob's perfumes? 

  2. Great review like always girl!!!! XO

  3. I LOVE your reviews especially taylor swift 

  4. I love the bottles! This house of Beckham really does nice presentation at a reasonable price. I have Instinct and find it to be quite nice! What a lovely review! You are so good at this!! 

  5. Shakira Morelos

     elixir aphrodisiac by Shakira

  6. Its the lily and water lily that makes it smell like melon. I smelt my sister's victoria's secret lily mist and it smells like melon!

  7. so first time darling, , , but i've never try perfumes from victoria or beckham before, and i still wondering how smell like of them, but i think i try to figure this one out for me, it's sound so fresh nd light nd love soft ending base it's perfect for now summer already in my country, , , thanks molly, love from me XO

  8. Hello my queen how are you today? I liked the review so much and judging by the bottle it seems like it'a really summery fragrance ! Keep it up molly you are flawless girl i love you so much big heart 

  9. Ben's Celebrity Fragrance Reviews

    Hi Molly! Really like the sound of this scent, I'm defo gonna check it out! I was wondering if you could check out my perfume review blog, and possibly tell me what's good and what I could improve? The link is: thescentofhappiness25.wordpress.com
    Thanks! :) x

  10. Another amazing reveiw!!!! Love Ittttttt xo

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