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MinnieMollyReviews♡Signature By Jessica Simpson Perfume Review♡

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  1. OMG girl i'm a perfume collecter and i'm trying to get most of the perfumes you already have. Do you have any favorites that you like ?

  2. MinnieMollyReviews

    +alyson enos Aw, you can find them on eBay!xo

  3. Im jealous u have to shakira fragrances i really want

  4. How you people in UK don't have that kind of "big" department stores like Macy's?

    Do you know how people who are underage can have a own flat and how they can live there without their parents alone?

  5. Marcus Pellegrino

    Great review!! The bottle looks so cool… I bet it smells great!!

  6. Great lipstick btw!

  7. Hello molly, wow i really really loved the bottle ! I personally would give it 100 out of 10 hahaha , the fragrance sounds so exiting i have to try it out. Great review , just posted on the instagram account , love you so much you will always be my number 1 youtuber of all time <3 

  8. Thank you 4 this review
    Love Jessica's perfumes they are floral and light which I love really want to try this

  9. Awesome review

  10. Ehhh I think I'll pass on this one since I said it doesn't last long and u didn't seem too excited about it over all. What would u say is your must have perfumes? ?

  11. You should see the pile of books I balance my camera on! LOL The bottle is really cool! and you got a free clutch and bubble bath? That is the Best ever. All I ever get at Macy's with the giveaway is a gym bag !! The perfume sounds perfect for this time of year. Bravo Molly!

  12. 55!!!x

  13. Cool.

  14. MinnieMollyReviews

    New Jessica Simpson Review! Hope you guys enjoy!xo

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