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MinnieMollyReviews♡Rogue Love By Rihanna Perfume Review♡

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  1. I didn't know the late 20s were old….but ok

  2. It is her 6th fragrance actually… Rogue Man.

  3. I also bought this perfume but unfortunately it's not stay long time on me. Certainly not 6-8 hours as you said😕

  4. I got your letter 😱

  5. MinnieMollyReviews

    +Cindy Bui Omg you are soooooo sweet! Thank you so much xo

  6. It smells like Christina Aguilera's Unforgettable 

  7. Hi Molly I hope you can help. I bought a bottle of sunkissed glow and it doesn't have a charm on it. Do you have a spare one that I could have. Its the only charm I don't have :( hope you can help. Also I loved the review. Rogue Love smells AMAZING on my skin xo

  8. Aquolina – Pink Sugar

  9. Hi! ^^ actually, rogue is one of my favorite perfumes ever. I get so many compliments when wearing it, it is so unique. I am so dying to smell rogue love. Xo

  10. Hi Molly great review like Always but in my opinion I think that it smells similar not too similar but similar to "Wild Rose" by Avril Lavigne. What do you think? that's just what I think it smells like,but do you think so too?just a slight hint. 

  11. omg I have been waiting for you to review this! Bootyful as always xoxo

  12. I really want this. The notes sound fantastic!

  13. I liked Rogue but this one sounds right up my street. Btw, I am 34 … sooooo I am old then?? Lol!

  14. Hi Molly, I really hated the first one as It reminded me of strawberry trident gum, do you think I'll like this?? Sorry to bother but I would have to order online.

  15. Oh if you're not the biggest fan of this fragrance I will happily have it;)

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