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MinnieMollyReviews♡Onika By Nicki Minaj Perfume Review♡

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  1. Isn't this 5th in the collection? Or did I miss one?

  2. Love your videos on Nicki thank you!! Plus how long does it last throughout the day?

  3. I just bought Pink Friday now I'm going back to buy this one! Great review!!

  4. Hi dear, do u think Onika smell similar to Katy Pery Meow?

  5. Elizabeth Szczerbiak

    I got the onika perfume with a clear pink bag with gold handles and pink Friday lotion that came with mine. I got mine at boscovs

  6. Are you going to the pink print tour,???

  7. Onika is the only one I like (one of 5 celebrity fragrancies on a to get list!) The other bottles particularly the Minajesty one is ugly to me but Onika is more stylish and the box is so retro. I got an Anna Sui Tote bag free with a 50ml la nuit de bohème which is floral and fresh, it is an EDT but the bottle is gorgeous. Gold Roses with a big Butterfly on the lid. I want the la vie de bohème to go with it. Purple roses with the same gold butterfly.

  8. I have the same perfume but as a gift set and I really love it. I love your reviews iswell <3

  9. I think I cant get it in Germany but I'd love to own this so much ?

  10. The Bossest B!tch

    +MinnieMollyReviews Hey, I have a quick question regarding this fragrance. How masculine is it? This is a concern, since I am a HUGE male Nicki fan. Thanks. 

  11. I'm korean. I don't speak english very well. which better fragrance pink friday and onika?

  12. How many ml is the one in the video.

  13. MinnieMollyReviews

    +fatou sillah Absolutely! I have a new video every week, thank you so much for subscribing, i really hope you continue to enjoy my videos! Check out my collection video to see all of my perfumes at the beginning of this year!xo

  14. are you a perfume lover

  15. Pretty Little Liars

    I love your reviews! 

  16. MinnieMollyReviews

    +lucky thomas Hey! I don't have juicy couture but i have smelt it, there is some similarities but i would say this is lighter and a bit sweeter!xo

  17. do you have juicy couture? I sprayed Onika yesterday in the shop and it reminded me of Juicy couture (which i have) so i dont want to waste money if they smell identical. what do you think?

  18. Love this video by the way your really pretty

  19. MinnieMollyReviews

    +Finn Laing It definitely has the Nicki signature but i think this has a more floral and elegant scent to it! I don't think i will be sweetie xo

  20. I'm really disappointed with this! cause it's so similar to Pink Friday :( are you going to review Collector's Edition the latest fragrance from Justin Bieber?

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