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MinnieMollyReviews♡Minajesty By Nicki Minaj Perfume Review♡

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  1. Mizzy Little Monsta

    Molly ! Nice review i love your vids.
    Can minajesty be wirn by a man ? Or is it too girly ? 

  2. Thanks really good whats the best out of all 3 because i might buy pink friday but im not sure 

  3. Will you be doing Exotic and Onika? I just got Exotic yesterday but I would like to hear what you have to say.

  4. i had this one
    I didnt like it like that so ingave it to my mom and she loves it 

  5. Woooow Good!

  6. U do the best reviews on perfume 

  7. Madison Johnston

    I love your videos 

  8. I got Minajesty and it smells gorgeous x

  9. Will do :) x

  10. Love this review for Minajesty :) getting it for my birthday :)

  11. Awesome review! i would love to get this fragrance but it cost $136 in New Zealand so i'm currently saving lol

  12. hey! just an update to say that i finally got minajesty! i actually had to go to hella macys to see if they still carried them and the only one that was carrying them in my area was union square in sf. i did an unboxing video and me buying it at macys video hahha! did you see on facebook that nicki is coming out with a new fragrance 2014 real soon??

  13. Vickneshar Balaprakash

    You're so lucky
    You have so many perfumes
    I just started to collect perfumes about 2 months ago.
    Have only 2 now

  14. U pronounce it wrong it's her last name + majesty

  15. watched all your vids for nicki's perfumes. you coo you coo! i just did an unboxing video for my pink friday perfume cuz i just got it today. i had the deluxe edition gold but it was a gift at first. then they had to return it, long story >.< currently tryna save up for a minajesty bottle and only use it for special occasions!!!

  16. You look a tad bit like Emma Watson.

  17. lol 

  18. MinnieMollyReviews

    I got this from ebay! hope you enjoyed the video xo

  19. Harry Stans Onika

    Where did you get this? 😀

  20. MinnieMollyReviews

    It definitely is worth the money! And that is so kind of you to say! i really appreciate your support! hope you continue to enjoy my reviews xo

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