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MinnieMollyReviews♡Killer Queen By Katy Perry Perfume Review♡

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  1. which perfumes  are  your  10  ratings   in  scent?

  2. Your soooo cool

  3. Cyrine Cie Salvador

    hi what is the name of the perfume on your top list ? 

  4. Do you review Avon and Yves Rocher too? I love fragancies now and Frangipani has almost (not quite) sold me the scent.

  5. just bought this today to wear for the fall/winter seasons..you're right, perfect for this time of year. It's not my typical scent, i typically like the fresher, light sweet florals but i really like this!! Molly i sent you an auction on another video. 

  6. I got a gift set from killer queen a long time ago I think last year from Macy's and it came with a body lotion small perfume bottle the big perfume bottle and shower gel. It came with 2 free gifts a little makeup bag and in the makeup bag I got a stick bottle and body lotion, the other gift was a red tote now since oh sheer came out its white.

    I love your reviews:)

  7. Thanks for the review Molly! I love your reviews sadly I'd have to say I disagree with you I much prefer the middle and base notes of this fragrance and I personally can't find the fruity- berry quality you described in this video, I find this scent very quite mature but with a younger twist, noticeable in base notes such as: Praline. Thanks Heaps, Hope to Speak Soon!

  8. Hey, how did you get the bag with it?x

  9. So… it smells like Katy Berry 😛 hahahaha

  10. I love this perfume… its more mature than the Purr… and Meow. 

  11. Are you going ot review Oh so sheer? Its not out in the us yet but the UK has gotten it I belive, I've seen some people raving about it already and seen listings.

  12. That was an awesome review as always , you always do the best review love your lipstick it really suits you :)

  13. Vickneshar Balaprakash

    Wow I'm gonna be 16th too this year
    Can u do a review of lady gaga's FAME

  14. Pretty Little Liars

    How old are you?

  15. Yes Yes I was thinking that too. It smells like a sweeter Heat by Beyonce. To me it smells a bit like the the Taylor Swift perfume mixed with Heat. I love it though

  16. MinnieMollyReviews

    Thats what i was thinking but i called SuperDrug and the store manager said i could actually have the stand they have at the end of the month! so i am so excited to put it in my collection!xo

  17. MinnieMollyReviews

    Around 6 hours xo

  18. How long does it last?

  19. MinnieMollyReviews


  20. I got mines tonight 😀 the lady was so nice she gave me one of the extra stands there for it!^-^

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