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MinnieMollyReviews♡Heat Wild Orchid By Beyoncé Perfume Review♡

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  1. Mariagrazia Messina

    Hi Molly! It's Mary from Italy and I LOVE your reviews!! I'm in trouble; I can't decide which scent to buy between Woman by Christina Aguilera and Heat Rush by Beyoncé… I really don't know what to choose 😓😓 Can you help me? Thank you so much Molly!! xoxoxo 😘😘 

  2. guys i just bought  beyonces heat perfume 75 ml and i need to know if it real? any advice is it real or fake?

  3. Your perfume collection is beautiful and I love your reviews. Great channel. Keep up the great work! <3 x

  4. Awwww that necklace looks great on you…still love ur videos :)

  5. Pop Albums Unboxing

    Lady Gaga gonna released a new fragrance!!! It's called "Eau De Gaga". The bottle is black (it reminds me like a Chanel perfume bottle like Chanel no5). And there's a gold thing on the bottle it said "Eau De Gaga
    New York Paris".
    And the box is red.

  6. BoyReviewFragrance

    Hello Molly :), I'm gonna give you a shoutout on my 1st review! Please, vote for what fragrance I'm going to review on my perfume collection :) (My video coming out Sunday!!!)

  7. YAYY! Can't WAIT to get this!

  8. Molly I think the bottle is pretty wonderful too! Lovely review as always. 

  9. amazing finally u review it, thanks so much, can't wait to get this frgrance, u know what. . . i just finally got heat, heat rush nd pulse nyc now, so make me happy, love all of them nd soon rise to catch, cause just arrive in my country, wish this one come soon too, whhaahahaa love from me XO

  10. Your so beautiful omg! I love your videos SO much please do more videos!!! X

  11. can you review the beathny mota fragrance

  12. Amazing it's just so amazing, i loved the review and just when i saw the video before watching it i screamed so loud !!!! Hahaha i love you molly you are always on the top before anyone else <3 i can't wait 'till you be the first to review woman by xtina! Thank you again please never stop <3 

  13. The voice fragrance

  14. Amazing review do you know where to get it

  15. Can you please do the tulisa perfume from n dubz she is counted as a celebrity right? I love your videos always accurate and will never have a problem with any perfume Love you loads XOX

  16. Pop Albums Unboxing

    Great review!!! :)

  17. This fragrance is stunning, I actually really do not like the heat line but this is just life! Will you be reviewing storm flower? And also this has been annoying me for ages but what is the fragrance in the front right corner, in front of Selena Gomez? Fab review as always:)

  18. MinnieMollyReviews


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