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MinnieMollyReviews♡Fantasy Intimate Edition By Britney Spears Perfume Review♡

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  1. Minnie do you have perfume of expensive brand like Flowerbomb or JimmyChoo or just celebrity perfume??

  2. CapturedonCloud9

    I can't decide which to purchase between Katy Perry's Spring Reign and Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. What's your opinion on the comparison of these fragrances? Which would you choose if you could only pick one? 

  3. Love this video!!! ❤️❤️

  4. do the review for mad potion please! i saw it in ur background :O

  5. Stylin' again Minnie Molly…thanks for the heads up on the latest Fantasy…I didn't know about it…can't wait to add it to my collection…did you post what's on your nails…gorgeous! :)

  6. Awesome review. I always in joy your videos. ☺️ this one is on my perfume list.

  7. I've saw the new one direction fragrance in store, but maybe it's not out yet where you are x

  8. love this review and scent! Hope
    you had a great holiday!alex xo

  9. Where did you get Mad Potion & what size do you have ? Xo

  10. Maybe the bag is to put your intimates in. Like a lingerie or something. ?

  11. MinnieMollyReviews

    +Amber Thrapp Thank you so much beautiful!xo

  12. Omg i want to smell it so bad, I am very curious about that scent, havent seen any negative feedback so it must be amazing!!! I think this is the best design yet britney has released. Have you got a new haircut or is it my eyes playing tricks on me? XD

  13. BoyReviewFragrance

    Fabulous review! OMG!!! You already got Mad Potion???!!! Lucky
    +PerfumeManiac101 Yes, look at the Katy Perry shelf, she have it!

  14. I'm guessing you got this from Turkey? I haven't seen it in the UK yet.

  15. PerfumeManiac101

    Great review! Once I read the notes of this fragrance when it was announced, I was intrigued! I do plan on buying it. Have you smelt Katy Perry's Mad Potion?

  16. yay! Love it♥

  17. Whoops! I meant to say Between Us x

  18. Your perfume reviews are incredible! If I ever want to get a fragrance I always check out your channel first because I know you'll have reviewed it! Amazing channel. Just wondering, one direction have brought out a new perfume, I think it's called Between Australia or something but I'm not entirely sure, could you review that??

  19. MinnieMollyReviews

    Finally reviewing Fantasy Intimate Edition! Hope you all enjoy xo

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