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MinnieMollyReviews♡Black Star By Avril Lavigne Perfume Review♡

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  1. I think the perfume smells kinda like men's cologne in a good way. Idk y

  2. Personally i hated Black start, i bought it in gift box set~ other then pretty bottle the Plum smell nearly killed me and she lie~ i can`t smell Any Fuxkkking Dark chocolate at all , MY friends told me they thought it were a Old lady walk by after i apply black star and i think it`s way too strong but on the other hand i loved Forbidden rose!!! it`s so rich in rosy smell i can`t forget it ! but still M by mariah is my love~

  3. Out of all of the avril lavigne perfumes which is best? 

  4. Wow i love the intro

  5. Pretty Little Liars

    Your name is Molly, right?

  6. Please do jb-the key??xxxx

  7. i really liked this review, some people say it smells like ( pink friday – our moment – justin's girlfriend ) you know those scent are the same,, is that right ? 
    thanks for the amazing video ! love you so much <3

  8. Вероника Курбакова

    I would like to review on Katy Perry Oh ​​Oh Sheer:)

  9. You are a special women,I realy like your reviews,very very good,very cute!

  10. Justin Bieber the key

  11. Great Review!!!!!!!!!

  12. another awesome review so look forward to your next review  :)

  13. The new katy perry The spinoff of killer queen 

  14. You always look great in red lipstickgloss

  15. Aww love you! How much was the set? xoxo

  16. what happened to your nicki minaj poster!?!? ahhhh. lol jk

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