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MinnieMollyReviews♡Bethany Mota By Aeropostale Perfume Review♡

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  1. Would u recommend this to a 12 year old girl who would wear this to school? If not what others would u recommend

  2. Elizabeth Wonderham

    I'm actually disappointed with this perfume.

  3. ConcertLover2015 X

    Hi u can buy spring reign here!

  4. Grate vid 

  5. Fantastic review! It's a great fragrance to have in your collection as it's not widely available. You described the scent perfectly. I had to buy mine from eBay because I'm in Aus. I do really like the scent but I do completely agree with your views. Thanks gorgeous! xoxo 

  6. Sounds nice 

  7. Loving these reviews! If you get a chance can you review Wet Dog by Sia? It doesn't actually smell bad it's some type of floral but I can't find any reviews. Thanks! 

  8. Marcus Pellegrino

    Great review!!

  9. Stormflower EDT ?

  10. Hey Molly please pretty please can you do a review on Aquolina pink sugar perfume I'm dying to smell it but I'm a bit apprehensive on if I'm going to like it or not x 

  11. I spy with my little eye Stormflower EDT?

  12. Loved the review :) xoxo

  13. First to watch it! 

  14. MinnieMollyReviews

    Hey Guys! Here is my review on the beautiful Bethany Mota's debut fragrance! Hope you all enjoy xo

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