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MinnieMollyReviews♡Baby Pop Electric By Harajuku Lovers Perfume Review♡

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  1. Im happy perfume maniac is back!! You should checkout incredible things by taylor swift and rocker femme fantasy by Britney spears. You should check them out and review them.

  2. you are my favourite fragrance review channel! I cant wait till your next perfume collection video and i love G of the sea! Tell me why Perfume Maniac stopped making videos. just wondering…

  3. Вероника Курбакова

    Do you want to do a review on the perfume from Taylor Swift what called Incredible things? 

  4. I will definitely have to buy these!!!! For bottle's sake if not for the scent ;))

    I can't wait for your KK Gold review :))

  5. You're popping so many vids recently! Great work Molly! Looking pretty as always baybay!

  6. Haha i was screaming YEASHHH,
    my mom and dad be like: ?
    luv ur vids

  7. MinnieMollyReviews

    +PerfumeManiac101 Aw thank you sweetie! You'll have to let me know what you think of them xo

  8. yess always love all your review, nd can't wait to see your vlogmas next after this, hahahaaa, and the perfume is interesting cause it sweet, i need to try it, thanks so much molly, love from me XO,

  9. really enjoyed this review, and am REALLY enjoying your vlogmas! Love Alex x

  10. I might get that one 

  11. Great review Molly! I can't wait to try these fragrances! :)

  12. MinnieMollyReviews

    Hope you guys enjoy! Don't forget to check out my Vlogmas on TheMinnieMolly, xo

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