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MinnieMollyReviews♡Baby By Harajuku Lovers Perfume Review♡

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  1. Great Review!!!! defiantly watching you're reactions on TheMinnieMolly :) xo

  2. OMG !!! You look so cute :o

  3. Love the review! Could you do a review of Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses Eau de Parfum? 

  4. Like

  5. well it is so cute, just like other hrajuku lovers bottle, and this sound so floral , but i hope rose in this not to powering for me, cause now i feel that rose never well with me also jasmine, whahaaaaa but i'll collect them all for collection soon, another review harajuku lovers please, love from me XO

  6. Ah the bottle looks really cute and so do you! Really enjoyed this review and subbed to see more contents in the past, present & future! 

  7. Hello my sweet queen , omg i miss you so much i couldn't comment on the previous video cause i wasn't available to use the internet, wow another harajuku perfume ! Really interesting loved the video so much and now I'm gonna check the minniemolly reaction xD! I love you molly from the bottom of my heart 

  8. I love the humor and charm of this line. And this one sounds really lovely. A wonderful review.
    I want to add that I really appreciate the attention you take in presenting a cohesive and well put together look in each of your videos. (The boys who review are so sloppy for the most part!)  So it is nice to see a Professional, smart and chic presentation. Your personal style is unique and charming. Brava! 

  9. A friend I met at a summer camp gave me this, so it's a really special fragrance to me. To me it smells fresh at the very top, and then it becomes powdery, and then the florals come in, and it ends musky sweet.

  10. Ben's Celebrity Fragrance Reviews

    Does this smell anything like Rose quartz by Alesha Dixon? I was just thinking because they both have rose in? Ive only smelt Rose quartz, NEED to smell this though:) her hair reminds me of a giant blackberry! Haha:))) xo

  11. Pop Albums Unboxing

    Amazing review!

  12. MinnieMollyReviews

    Hope you guys enjoy this review as well as my reaction video on TheMinnieMolly!xo

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