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MinnieMollyReviews♡ Super G By Harajuku Lovers Perfume Review!♡

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  1. +MinnieMollyReview Thanks so much!! 😀 I will… Xoxo

  2. I think its very overatted. Honestly Ive owned pound shop perfumes that smelled better than this!! I only got it because Im a sucker for anything cute. Plus it was reduced down to 15 euro from 45 euro so I just had to get it. I also love No Doubts music and wanted to smell like her lol so I got it. I think it only costs a lot just because she is a celebrity, its a brand name and looks nice but the fragance isnt even that great. I much prefer wood, cinamon and rose scents, not fruity scents!

  3. I don't like the bottle it's a bit muchhhh 

  4. I hate musk, woods, amber I like that sweet lingering and fruity scent LOVE IT

  5. I love this scent! my favourite scent! I got the wicked style g one and didn't like it, it smelled fake and unnatural. and the angel one from the harajuku collection was just smelled super gross like anise or some sort of pepper totally returning those two! I love fruity fragrances. which ones do you recommend from the gwen stefani perfume line? 

  6. MinnieMollyReviews

    Aaw thank you sweetie! that's so nice of you to say! and yes i do! haha if you look at my last collection video it has almost doubled since then i think! haha xo

  7. I love your channel! You must have a massive perfume collection lol x

  8. MinnieMollyReviews

    will do when it comes out!xo

  9. Killer Queen plz…

  10. MinnieMollyReviews

    hey thank you! and im not sure if i will make one cause i think they are the same scent (curious heart and curious) xo

  11. MinnieMollyReviews

    will do when it comes out!xo

  12. MinnieMollyReviews

    aw thank you and i am resting this weekend to try and get better for school tomorrow! and wow that sounds like a juicy floral different scent!xo

  13. Amazing review. :) I really enjoy watching your videos! Can you please do Our Moment by 1D :)

  14. Pop Albums Unboxing

    Great review :) please make the review of Curious Heart by Britney Spears

  15. PerfumeManiac101

    Katy Perry FINALLY released the notes for Killer Queen! in will be out in August!

    Top notes: wild berries, plum, bergamot
    Heart: celosia, jasmine, frangipani
    Base: cashmere, patchouli, praline

  16. PerfumeManiac101

    Awesome review! I luv this scent, and get well soon! :)

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