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  1. I just got the same exact set from TJ Maxx for 24.99!!!!! It's the same packaging and eveything! I had the smaller bottle, so I know it's not fake. 😊

  2. Dayna t I just bought my mom this it smells so good and the box is gorgeous

  3. i got mine out of tj max for 24.99 they had a few of hers perfume and so i got mine for Christmas this year and my auntie got it for me but i love all of her stuff she do i a fans

  4. Christine Valentine

    U so pretty and have fantastic taste in things I love your style and your video and also love your necklace can ask where u got it from please hope to hear from u big hugs x

  5. Pop Culture (PopCulture)

    You are so lucky! I went shopping today to find Minajesty on the 50ml, and it was $60! I couldn't believe that the set you got was the same price which is unbelievable! I didn't end up getting the fragrance today, but I am saving up and might go back to get the 100ml which was like $80. Great unboxing vid as well :)

  6. i got it too this Christmas 

  7. just wanted to say thank you so much for making this unboxing video of the gift set. there is no unboxing video of the minajest set, only the fragrance itself on other channels. like i said, i am very much excited to purchase the gift set this upcoming friday, receive my free nicki gift, and do an unboxing for this very nice package!

  8. cool video! got my pink friday perfume in the mail from amazon a couple days ago and did an unboxing. i had the deluxe gold edition in my hands for a gift, but they had to return it, long story >.< but after getting pink friday i know i had to get minajesty now. i actually went to macys to test it out too the other day and it smells hella better than pink friday!!! ima get the gift set once i get my paycheck next friday.

  9. Omg your to Amazing xD
    Thanks for the reviews 

  10. Oh God Your So Pretty ! 

  11. Are you going to be trying the new Pink Friday edition deluxe? :)

  12. the set was sooooo cheap at Macy's was crazy!!!!!!

  13. Alyssa & Austin (amfamg1)

    Awesome tip (2:31) about not rubbing/squishing the perfume into your skin! I never knew that and now that you said it, it makes absolute sense. Thanks! 

  14. Really cute!!!

  15. Sounds amazing! Thanks for reviewing this set :)

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