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Minajesty by Nicki Minaj Perfume Review

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  1. I got lucky and worked for an Elizabeth Arden factory that makes her perfumes.

  2. I just got mine yesterday! We went to a Walmart that was moving so everything was on sale, got it for only $9! Love it! It's my "supreme confidence" when I spray it on lol 😉

  3. Thanks

  4. Lol I love how she says Ok :) 

  5. girl i just got my pink friday one in the mail, i also have the 1.7 ounce for it too. mos def savin up for minajesty but thinnkin of buying the gift set just cuz! okay!

  6. Alexyna Stacykalen

    Don't really like the perfume but I luv your review

  7. where did u buy it?

  8. Krystina Carnifax

    I want it sooooo baddd!!! :)))

  9. Let me just add though- I do love the Minajesty perfume by her, but I think Pink Friday has a horrible after smell. :( 

  10. I just got the set at Macy's! They had the individual 3.4oz bottles like you got or they had the holiday set. The set came with the full size perfume, lotion and shower gel and they give you a free pink purse with gold studs when you buy it! It also comes in this ADORABLE box that looks like a pink winter wonderland house. All of that together was only $67! AWESOME deal! I'm so excited to wear it. I'm not a fan of her music, but I love her personality and I love her perfume! 

  11. If it gave u ur live then O_O wows

  12. 4:21 I was like ~. You took her head off omg is that possible.

  13. Oh thank u so much and ok I gotta get me another bottle I would pull hair and pop beads ova it ok

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