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Michael Kors Michael For Men: Fragrance Review

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  1. Smells great I have a little sample bottle it reminds me of a dark thick honey

  2. Lionel's a cutie

  3. bought MK for my husband he put it on for our wedding anniversary date i was jealous lol ppl kept asking him whats the name of your perfume he smelled so good just want to hug him all night the smell lasted for hours…..i did laundry a couple days later the perfume smell was all over the hamper.

  4. RaJuR reaL deeP kooL

    I bought this NEW from Neimanns last weak after checking out you kats, while sitting in the beauty chair. I have Eau des Baux, some Tobacco Vanille samples left, and Pure Havane/Malt. I was about to ditch it, since I had a sample…TODAY, but after I reapplied and sniffing while you're talkin…..I'm feeling it, so I'm keeping it!! Gonna try some Noir de Noir today. see whats that popping for. BarZ RaJuR Music on the web.

  5. This one is my go to "signature" scent. Totally classy stuff. This is for the mature, classy man. Great stuff!

  6. I got a sample based on this review..it opened very High end and Refined but within minutes turned into something old and funky on my skin…I think it may be a great cologne but didn't fit my chemistry. I'll try a few more times to see if it stays High end.

  7. It is top 10.

  8. Much love Franchise. I really appreciate it the love! I been watching your stuff. I need to get my nose on Narcisco Musc…it is killing me LOL.

  9. I saw it for cheap twice on Basenotes should have grabbed a bottle. I will next time. It is special in my opinion. And you are welcome my friend.

  10. Jose,

    I think it has more going on than PM. For some reason the sharpness of the tobacco is what really does it for me. It is like a blend of Havane and Malt minus the sweetness of Havane. Thanks for commenting. I will get a bottle as soon as my samples run out.

  11. Great review.

  12. I fn love this fragrance man, it romantic IMO, GREAT REVIEW SIR!!!

  13. Alejandro Esquivel

    I wanted to thank u again

  14. Alejandro Esquivel

    I got mine for cheap. I love this stuff

  15. It's a very good fragrance…well done. Can't wait for your top 10.

  16. Yep….it is still a lovely fragrance though right? They do love those ol generic citrus frags here LOL. I get a lot of love on a few others I didn't expect. I am going to do another top 10

  17. No compliments….same here. Being in Texas women doesn't seem to like these kinds of fragrances. I've notice ladies like soapy, citrus clean scent. I like MK for men but this one sometimes irritates me….maybe that it has a little too much spice.

  18. It was you and Daniel who were talking about it I think!

  19. glad you discovered this one. I like it too.

  20. Good review

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