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Michael Kors “For Men” fragrance/cologne review

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  1. Do you have any recommendations for a good tobacco boozy fragrance? (Designer ) ? Or maybe tobacco and vanilla? I've tried, and like tobacco vanille, but too pricey..

  2. Back in February 2015 I went to Macys and sampled some Michael Kors on a card it smelled beautiful so I bought a bottle when I took it home and spread it on my body it smell kind of sour. Also I've heard through reviews on Fragrantica that there were some bad batches out there how can I tell if I have a bad batch? 

  3. Great video, Thanks ! If you like "Spice Bomb" a company called Belcam Inc. makes a copy called "Volatile for Men" The company is near the US-Canadian border and has a website. The shape of the bottle is less intimidating. LOL

  4. AGentlemansJourney

    Thank you. Thanks for watching and subscribing as well. It meant a lot that you gentleman took the time to watch me :)

  5. great review!

  6. AGentlemansJourney

    Thanks man. I haven't worn it too much because I only bought it a few months ago and it was like…May I think. One of my friends has a thing for MK's bags and watches so I decided to try the cologne and I liked it. We'll see how it really works in the autumn though. If I don't like it…then trade.

  7. Have this one and love it! I think best of the Genre at the price! I paid 60 as well. MK Outlet. So i think your price was fair.

  8. AGentlemansJourney

    I may check out Creed. I don't believe in spending a shit load of money on their bottles though. I've tried a few samples of their product. I like them but I cannot justify spending that kind of money. MIN is actually is one of the places on my must see when I'm there :)

  9. Awesome review. While in New York, you gotta check out the Creed Boutique & MIN New York for some fragrance shopping.

  10. Haha nice thing on the airport….Knowing NY(or any airport really) that can be quite the experience if they saw that…….Great take

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