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  1. I really enjoy your vids. The fragrance, the drink, the ambience..

    Michael Kors (2014) is an awesome fragrance…As usual, great review. Cheers!

  2. I no I'm late but man I love this juice.

  3. Excellent review

  4. Wow, this is the first time I've seen a review by you and now I know why everyone gives you shout outs! Fantastic job! I'll have to check out your blog!

  5. MikeLtheSoulChild

    Hi, Lanier, I just got the original Michael Kors from 2001, do you think that the difference between the two, are significant enough, to get the new one, or do they resemble each other too much? Thanks. 

  6. For me, at the start it smells a little too outdated & old school but then in the dry down it smells AMAZING… I mean better than D&G the one or Guccie guilty.

  7. I shall look into trying this one! Brilliant review Lanier!

  8. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    That drink looks amazing!

  9. SweptAndGarnished1

    Your expression after the first sip of drink was priceless, lol! 
    Thyme in a fragrance? I'm intrigued 😉

  10. YourCaptainSpeaks

    Were all of the previous bottles pulled from shelves to fix the formulation? Just wondering if there's a way to know when buying if I'm getting the new version or the September version. I'm interested in this one!!

  11. I'm sold !!! Love how you put this into words.. Great review.. Thanks ! I'll be checking this out soon and probably picking up a bottle.

  12. Very well done my friend, i love the opening, i think is a great fragrance for the price, big hug to you!

  13. Great video thanks a lot:-)

  14. Oh lala, I loved your descriptions, I love a crisp white button up top, will sniff this out!  Wow I had no idea they actually pulled all the product then relaunched it again. 

  15. oh i want a old fashioned now !!! , and i must really try that cologne maybe i'll go to Macy's  and sniff it out , sounds lovely

  16. Loved the review, going to check this one out.

  17. U made me curious Lanier , and thirsty in the same time lol

  18. Hey, can you do a sidecar cocktail one week? 

  19. Going to have to sniff it!!! :)

  20. You said, "Fine Polished Wood" in your video. (Lol)

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