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Men’s Fragrances / Colonge Review – Lacoste, Nautica, Ralph Lauren and Givenchy!

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  1. ButterflySparkles23

    Wicked I need more dudes on my channel cuz I have some actual man giveaway stuff, though guys can win anything either for themselves or gf or bf who ever, thx for watching !

  2. NorthShoreHawaii74

    I want my channel to be for everyone no matter age, sex, race, sexual preference, animal , vegetable or mineral…lol !!! Well here i am ! Subscribed :)

  3. ButterflySparkles23

    Yike 45, he is no where near that…he wont like what at all lol.

  4. I always think its odd calling a 45 year old man a boyfriend

  5. ButterflySparkles23

    Hey you, omg I love blue if I could wear nothing but blue I totally would, go check out my very first video you will see my love of blue. Most of my user names start with blue but noooo YouTube didn't have it but I love this user name I LOVE butterflies and have a sparkles addiction lol and 23 is my lucky number its on all my user names lol oxoox

  6. Hi it's me from the emails I just want to say that I didn't know your favorite color is blue. I think that's hilarious because that's my favorite color

  7. ButterflySparkles23

    I think that's what it is supposed to do lol.

  8. ButterflySparkles23

    See and that proves you do not have to blow the budget to get good stuff, I bet Bodman is owned by a bigger company, like most drugstore items.

  9. I am not too much of a horney girl but men's cologne does something to me every time Woo Hoo!!! Hootie Hoo!!!

  10. I know this is going to sound a littlr ghetto but I have a very CHEAP men's cologne that I actually wear my self & EVERY time I wear it I get tons of compliments.I even have strangers stop me in stores to ask what it is.It used to be in all of the stores but now I can only find it at Walmart.It lasall day & the next, fresh scent and get this $7.00 for a big bottle.Are you wondering what it is?I will tell you in another video.Kidding It is called Fresh Guy by BodMan. (?_?)

  11. ButterflySparkles23

    Your not butting in, I totally had to look it up lol.

  12. the bf tag is when u answer a bunch of questions with ur bf lol u should youtube it sorry for butting in lol

  13. u n Dave are soooooooo sooo did i mention sooo cute!!!

  14. Nicola Winterflood

    Can u do a shout out for me

  15. ButterflySparkles23

    T is smart eh

  16. Excellent idea T! :)

  17. ButterflySparkles23

    Thx T , I never even thought of the fact it would help girls buy their guys stuff lol, I made it for guys lol but sweet it is multipurpose …. Pillow idea is sweet, but if I wanna smell him I just smell him he lives here lol.

  18. ButterflySparkles23

    Nothing wrong with that, they do smell nice!

  19. ButterflySparkles23

    Thx oxoxox.

  20. ButterflySparkles23

    OMG you better be subbed to both my channels missy!!!!

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